Listed here is an index of all the SU Podium video tutorials and training available here on the Podium site. Most of these are also available on our YouTube channel.

  Introduction to SU Podium (7min total):

Full introduction: Watch the full 7 minute introduction here, or use the individual links below to go to a specific section.

  Quick Start Exterior with V2.5 UI:

Quick Start Exterior Video Tutorial: This tutorial is broken down into three parts. It introduces basic concepts to creating a photo-real image while using the SU Podium V2.5 UI.

  Lighting Tutorials:

Sun and Sky Light - Natural lights

In SU Podium V2, there are two types of "natural" lights. Sun and Sky. Take a look at how to apply these lights. (This video uses the older V2 user interface but is still very helpful)

Omni Lights, Spot Lights, Light Fixture libraries

This method uses an inferencing system which makes placement very intuitive. These video tutorial demonstrate how to create omni/ point lights and spot lights.

Spot light settings overview

A closer look at Podium's spotlight settings: Color, light power, inner and outer cone angle.

LEM Lighting

In SU Podium V2, there are three types of "artificial" lights. This video tutorial presents LEM lighting.

  Material Tutorials:

Applying Material Properties

In SU Podium V2, reflections and other rendering properties are applied to textures in the model. This video examines how to apply reflections.

Automatic materials

Predefined Podium reflection, blur, and refraction properties are automatically applied any standard SketchUp textures/materials that are used in your model.

Podium Browser materials
Podium Materials are dropped in to SketchUp as cubes. This simple tutorial shows how the material cubes work and how easy it is to get high quality render-ready materials into your model.

  Podium panorama tutorials:

Podium panorama introduction

Learn how to use Podium to create 360° panoramic renders to be used in interactive VR presentations.

Creating a kitchen panorama with Podium Browser

Six minute time-lapse showing how to design and render a kitchen panorama entirely from Podium Browser.

Uploading and sharing panoramas on the Pano Server (

We cover the basics of the Podium panorama web server to easily convert and share EQ images to 360° panoramas.

Uploading to the Pano server from PIE

Short video showing how to upload a Podium panorama to the server directly from Podium image editor.

Uploading a Panorama to Facebook

Quick video showing how to add requisite meta-data to a panorama render so Facebook recognizes it as 360° content.

  Miscellaneous Podium Tools & Tips:

Podium Image Editor

Podium Image Editor is a new feature of V2.5 Plus. It provides post-processing, image editing to quickly edit your rendered image within SketchUp

Podium Analyse Tool

Analyse can help troubleshoot issues by providing information about the number of point/spot lights, LEM lights and all the materials with Podium properties.

Post-processing: Adding basic light bloom in Photoshop

Quick look at how to add "light bloom" in Photoshop to liven up a Podium render.

 Podium Browser Tutorials & Design Series:

How to use Podium Browser Cloud Domes

Examine how to use Podium Browser cloud domes inside SketchUp to obtain realistic Panorama renderings.

Adjusting light power of Podium Browser fixtures

Examine how to change the light power in the point and spot lights in Podium Browser light fixtures

Kitchen Design with SU Podium

This simple tutorial will show examples of Podium Browser kitchen design components that can be instantly dropped into your SketchUp model and turned into high quality images.

Bathroom Design with SU Podium

SU Podium Browser Paid Section now has thousands of render ready materials and components that make interior and exterior design easy to develop and even easier to turn into realistic images. This video tutorial examines materials and components that make modeling and rendering a bathroom a snap.

Kitchen Design Timelpase

A full kitchen/ dining room designed from the ground up in SketchUp using Podium Browser components and visualized with SU Podium V2. Nat Ellis' beautifully presented model is turned into a video with several design stages presented to the viewer.