What's New in Podium Browser - April 2019

Render by LK Atelier

Render by Bernardo Arellano Vargas

New vehicles in Podium Browser!

 Latest Podium Browser uploads

Podium Browser uploads in April have included 15 new vehicles, Japanese bathroom assemblies, 400 Anderson E Series windows in four styles and various sizes, and additional 3D plants.

Fifteen new vehicle models

Japanese bathroom assemblies

Andersen E Series Windows

Approximately 400 Andersen Series E windows have been uploaded in four different styles and a large variety of sizes. Because it is hard to distinguish between these from their thumbnails, there is now a top-level Windows> category in Podium Browser with four sub-categories for the new Andersen Windows. These are sorted by style, with size (inches) given in the component name.

Additional 3D Plants

We're adding new content to Podium Browser every month!

Podium Browser is only $79.00 and includes almost 20,000 high quality, render ready components, with additional models, materials, and light fixtures being added every week. Read more about the speed and efficiency of Podium Browser here.

To see the full range of new Browser content, open the Podium Browser web page. Click on Agree, then click on Show only recent files.

 SU Podium V2.6.023 Beta is available

SU Podium V2.6.023 Beta has been released — This is the final beta, and is considered a release candidate for SU Podium V2.6.

  • V2.6.023 is now compatible with SketchUp 2019 - If you have been waiting for a SU 2019 version to test the beta, this version will work.
  • If you are installing V2.6 beta for the first time — please follow the instructions on the V2.6 download page. Licensed Podium Browser users will need to email us per the instructions on the download page to receive a beta license.
  • If you are already using an older version of V2.6 beta with a temporary license — This new build contains one final update to the licensing system, so if you decide to install V2.6.022 a new temp license will be required. Users who currently have a beta license will receive a separate email with more information about this. Thank you for your support and feedback during the beta.

 Podium Walker "Standard" is now available for SU 2019

Podium Walker V1.4 standard has been released for SketchUp 2017, 2018, and 2019, Windows and Mac. This is the first version of Podium Walker Standard which is compatible with SketchUp 2019.

Improved lighting - This version of Podium Walker has an updated "lightmaps" feature, which improves render quality by baking lightmaps for indirect light.

This does not bring Podium Walker's render quality to the level of realism that ProWalker GPU or SU Podium can provide, however it is a noticeable improvement over previous version of Podium walker.

 Ongoing Webstore Deals

Upgrade now for a 10x speed increase during the "Processing scenes" render pass, Podium Panoramas, improved Podium Image Editor, analyse tool and material improvements.

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Podium Browser Paid content is $79.00 for a permanent license. You will be able to access new content that is added each month as a Paid content owner.

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The Win/Mac version of the Viso3D SketchUp export plug-in will convert your SketchUp 8, 2013 and 2014 model into a small file that can be read by the iPad 7. The Lightmap in the plug-in will also preserve the sun and shadows settings and create an ambient light for interior scenes.
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