When the render button is pushed, SketchUp immediately crashes and generates a 'Bugsplat'.

This behavior is almost always caused by SU Podium being installed twice within the same SketchUp version. SU Podium installers cannot automatically overwrite previous versions of the plugin, so installing a new update without first uninstalling the previous version will cause a plugin conflict and cause SketchUp to crash.

Always uninstall SU Podium before installing a new update in the same SketchUp version.


1. Check to see if SU Podium is double-installed. Open the extensions drop-down menu and see if SU Podium is listed twice.

2. If it is listed twice, you will need to uninstall BOTH versions before you reinstall. Use the 'manual' uninstall method given on the pages linked below, and simply delete the SU Podium files/folders from the install directory:

3. Download the appropriate installer for your operating system and SketchUp version.
SU Podium download page

Reminder — An SU Podium V2.5 license can not be used to activate SU Podium V2.6, so be sure to download the version that matches your license. Read about the V2.6 upgrade here.

Installation help: Step by step install guides can be found here.