SU Podium V2.6 has a fast mode/ slow mode option, in the Environment tab of Options. However, SU Podium V2.5.x requires you to use the Ruby Console to turn on slow mode or fast mode

What is Slow Mode. In V2.5 and V2.6, SU Podium uses Podium Export to "export" SketchUp geometry data, sun location, SketchUp camera location, and materials to OOPR. Podium Export is a C++ algorithm and that is why it is up to 10 times faster than the older Processing Scenes employed in SU Podium V2.

However, on occasion, you may want to use the older Ruby based Processing Scenes. Using the older Ruby based processing scenes may fix some issues you may be running into with Podium Export. This older processing scenes is written in Ruby so it's quite a bit slower than Podium Export. Below is how to employ the older, slower Ruby based Processing Scenes.

  1. Open the SketchUp Ruby console located in SketchUp Window pull down menu.

  2. Type in Podium::Options.rendering_mode="slow"
    Do not copy and paste this but type it in. After entering this line, press your Enter key. You will get a message in the Ruby console that says Slow.
  3. From this point, when you start to render, Processing Scenes will use the older Ruby mode.
  4. When you want to go back to the faster, Podium Export, go to the Ruby Console and type in
    This will return SU Podium to the faster Podium Export method of Processing Scenes.