View your 360° panoramas with an inexpensive VR headset:

As it happens, Google Cardboard is completely compatible with Podium Panorama renders uploaded and hosted through the Spherecast service. And believe us, it's seriously cool!

What you need:

Get Cardboard: There are several reasonably priced Google Cardboard sets available direct from manufacturers on the Cardboard website, or through Amazon. This one in particular is inexpensive and well reviewed: D-Scope Google Cardboard Kit.

Using Google Cardboard with your Pano EQ image

1. Upload to Spherecast:

Once you generate your SU Podium V2.5.1 equirectangular panorama image, you can upload this image to the upload web site. will then generate spherical panorama and provide a URL for your panorama presentation. For example: Sample spherecast pano.

2. Switch to stereoscopic mode

Spherecast has a wonderful stereoscopic feature, which makes it possible to use the platform with Google cardboard.

Send the URL to your Smartphone—any iPhone or Android device will do—and open the URL in the smart phone's browser.

Click on the Google Cardboard icon to create two mirrored panorama images (as seen in the image right).

Place the smart phone in your Google Cardboard headset according to the included instructions.

Experience an immersive VR event!