SU Podium V2.x presets have each been crafted for specific rendering environments and lighting situations. For information on how to select and use each preset, please see here.

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1. Where are presets located and can I customize presets?

Note: Before modifying a preset, always save a duplicate/back-up so that you can fall back to standard settings if necessary.

You can customize Podium presets via Podium Preset editor, or you can open and modify the preset files in any simple text editor.

Where to find and install presets: The preset directory has changed slightly from version-to version. Podium presets can be found in the following folders from SU 2022/2021/2020/2019/ 2018/or 2017.


  • For the .rbz install version for SketchUp 2017 thru 2021
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 20xx\SketchUp\Plugins\SU_Podium_V26\presets
  • For the .exe or .pkg install for , SketchUp 2014 thru 2021
    C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 20xx\SketchUp\Plugins\SU_Podium_V2x\SU_Podium_V2x\presets


Note: for Mac you will need to unhide hidden files and folders using the Ctrl+Shift+. keys

    • For the .rbz install version for SketchUp 2018 - 2020
      /Users/username/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 20xx/SketchUp/Plugins/SU_Podium_V26/presets/
    • For Mac, SketchUp 2014-2021
      MacIntosh HD/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 201x/SketchUp/Plugins/SU_Podium_V2x/presets\

    2. Download legacy presets from previous versions:

    If you prefer the presets from earlier versions of such as the Preview preset, please download the below zip file. Unpackage this and copy the presets to your preset folder.

    Download the Preview Presets here.

    Download the legacy preset pack here.

    3. HDR Presets

    This is a complete set of presets specifically modified for rendering in the .HDR format. Settings and parameters are exactly the same as in the standard presets with the one exception that tonemapping is removed.

    Why do I need special presets for HDR rendering?

    HDR images contain a much wider range of color/value information, and it is perferable for tonemapping to be completed in post instead of "in-engine." Rendering to HDR is directly analogous to shooting RAW instead of JPEG in a DSLR photography workflow.

    Podium HDR renders can now be edited directly in PIE, or in a third party image editor or compositing software (ie - Photoshop, Lightroom, Nuke, Fusion, etc.)

    Download the HDR preset pack

    4. Non-standard and special utility presets:

    Non-standard presets that Cadalog, Inc. and other customers have developed as an alternative to the standard presets. Download these .pps files to your preset folder.

    Exterior default - soft shadows
    This preset increases the "sunspot angle" value to produce much softer shadows in an exterior setting. It is primarily useful for very quick and easy studio-style lighting. Watch this video for more information about the sunspot value, and how to edit the value yourself.   Download the preset
    1.0.5_exterior_vegetation preset (May 7, 2013)
    This preset is very similar to the above Exterior_High_1.0.8 preset. It was created specifically for the generic 3D trees and foliage in Podium Browser and for the 2½ D grass components. Light bounce variable has been increased. The download is a zip file, and needs to be unzipped before being installed.   Download the Zipped version
    This preset was created specifically for interior scenes with Fur such as shag rugs. It's faster than Interior_High although overall quality may not be as good. The download file is a .zip file.   Download the Zipped version
    1.0.3 Exterior
    This is an older preset made to give you more control of sun intensity and exposure sliders.   Download here
    1.0 Exterior Night
    Created for night exteriors. Use this with the Podium "night" Style.   Download here

    Important Note: Presets have a file extension of .pps which your browser may mistake as a Power Point file. Right click and use "Save Link As" when downloading to prevent this.

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