The Podium Panorama server is a free web-based platform that automatically converts your Podium panoramic images into 360° VR presentations, stores them on an organized account page, and lets you share them simply by sending a link.

If you'd like to learn more about Podium panoramas or the panorama server, see the following links:

Consult the following key if you're unsure what one of the icons on the Pano server are used for:

Pano server icon key:

Account link

Takes you back to your account page at

Auto-rotate toggle

Slowly rotates the camera 360° at a steady, constant rate. Click again to turn off.

Stereoscopic mode

Splits the PanoVR down the middle into a left-eye, right-eye configuration for use with VR headsets (Google Cardboard, Oculus, Vive, GearVR, etc.)

Gyroscope on/off

When using a mobile device, the Pano server automatically uses the device gyroscope for camera input. Toggle the gyroscope off to use touch input for camera angle/view on mobile devices.


In fullscreen mode you PanoVR will fill the entire display, eliminating address bars and all other distractions. You may need to download a fullscreen browser on iOS devices, as Safari does not support fullscreen viewing.

Note: Some or all of these icons may be invisible on Android and iOS devices held horizontally. Turn your phone to vertical if you need to access one of the icons.