If you are using SketchUp Pro or Make (Make is only available up to SketchUp 2017) and do not see a Extensions menu in the SketchUp pull-down menu area, go to Extension Warehouse and install a free Extension. Here is one that we recommend that will force the Extension menu to open. Simplify Contour Tool. To use Extension Warehouse you must Sign In and to do that you need to have a 3D Warehouse Account. Once you have Signed in, use the Search and type in Contour. The Simplify Contour Tool will show up in the search. Install this extension. This will be accessed from the SketchUp Extension menu and will force SketchUp to display the Extensions menu.

Alternatively, if you can not or do not want to access the Extension Warehouse, download Make Fur from the Free plug-in page on this site and install Make Fur .rbz. This will force the SketchUp plugins pull down menu to display which will then show the SU Podium V2.x pull down menu.

Then reboot SketchUp. This action will activate the SketchUp Extensions menu which is needed for SU Podium.