Video tutorials - Getting started with SU Podium

This sequence of videos is meant to provide a comprehensive introduction to rendering with SU Podium for SketchUp. The learning track was created with beginners in mind and is the intended starting point for anyone installing SU Podium for the first time.

Beginning users are recommended to watch in the order presented below, though videos numbered 8 and 9 could be considered supplemental.

Introduction and setup
1. Toolbar overview

7 min 59 sec

Basic render settings
2. Basic render setup

11 min 13 sec

Intensity and exposure
3. Intensity/Exposure

5 min 11 sec

Physical sky options
4. Sky options

4 min 58 sec

Material Properties
5. HDRI Lighting

11 min 49 sec

Material Properties
6. Material Properties

25 min 35 sec

Artificial Lights
7. Artificial lights

13 min 13 sec

Podium LEM examples
8. LEM examples

10 min 29 sec

Managing artificial lights
9. Managing artificial lights

9 min 41 sec

Podium preset selection
10. Preset selection

19 min 34 sec

  Project demonstrations

The videos in this section are detailed project breakdowns where we take an existing SketchUp model and prepare it for rendering with Podium. These are structured less like an introductory lecture, and more like a practical demonstration for someone who already understands the basics.

Bathroom visualization tutorial
Bathroom visualization with ProWalker GPU

Modeling a kitchen in SketchUp, setting up lights, materials, and rendering with ProWalker GPU.
1hr 39min (timestamped)

Kitchen visualization tutorial
Rustic kitchen visualization

Organizing a model from Chief Architect, then setting up lights and materials for SU Podium.
1hr 20min (timestamped)

Scenic design with SU Podium
Scenic design with SU Podium

Setup a dark environment to simulate a theater, then add basic lighting to the theater set.
25min (timestamped)

Snow cabin rendering with ProWalker GPU Iray
Render a winter cabin with ProWalker GPU

Discusses three methods for creating snowy terrain, and render an outdoor winter cabin.
35min (timestamped)

Snow cabin rendering with ProWalker GPU Iray
Residential bathroom rendering with Podium

Quick demonstration of lighting and materials for a small bathroom model.
22min (timestamped)

  Quick Tips

Shorter, stand-alone videos that present useful tips to improve efficiency or solve specific rendering challenges.

Sun direction tutorial
Change sun direction with Solar North

4 min 52 sec

Depth of field tutorial
Depth of field post-processing tutorial

13 min 30 sec

Podium default render settings
How to change Podium's default render settings

4 min 31 sec

Sunspot softness
Control shadow softness (Preset editing)

8 min 56 sec

Clear temp files
Delete Podium temporary files (Windows)

5 min 12 sec

Photoshop light bloom thumb
Adding basic light bloom in Photoshop

5 min 12 sec

Sun direction tutorial
How to use caustics in SU Podium

18 min 10 sec

Depth of field tutorial
Inserting lights into instanced components

4 min 47 sec


We are working on filling out this section with some quick solutions to common problems. Your first troubleshooting step should always be the Analyze tool mentioned below. Visit the support page for additional troubleshooting links, or to upload a problematic model for support to look at.

Introduction and setup
Analyse Model (wrench icon)

6 min 26 sec

Introduction and setup
Processing senes is slow or crashes

9 min 03 sec

Importing images tutorial
Why don't images show in my renders?

4 min 56 sec

Importing images tutorial
How to fix an exceptionally slow render

17 min 53 sec

 Additional videos can be found here. This page contains older videos that were made for SU Podium V2 or V2.5, however much of the information remains relevant, particularly those regarding panoramic rendering. Check the link if you don't find what you're looking for in the sections above.

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