Create a winter or holiday render with SU Podium or ProWalker GPU

Your challenge is to interpret and render the winter season in any way that you see fit. You're welcome to create an image depicting any of the winter holidays — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule, Solstice, New Years, etc.

Or simply create a beautiful scene that captures the spirit of winter. Snowy forests, frozen lakes, wool blanets, mulled cider, alpine cottages; you get the idea. Show us what winter means to you, and use your Podium skills to bring it to life!

Tanya Nadeau

Lubomir Mako

Andrew Trodler

Tatiana Nunez


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Third Place

DVERSE, Inc. has generously donated a license for their new VR collaboration platform, Symmetry VR. Symmetry provides an instant SketcUp to VR exporter supporting HTC Vive and Windows Mixed reality headsets. Symmetry provides a suite of markup, revision, and review tools for collaboration and client validation.

Voting: Top entries will be determined through an open vote on the SU Podium forum, which will run for several days after the submission period ends. Additional details will accompany the forum poll when voting begins.


  1. Images must be rendered with SU Podium or ProWalker GPU - This contest is meant to showcase your skills with Podium, ProWalker and Podium Browser. Please don't submit images created with other rendering software.
  2. Create a WIP thread on the forum and show at least one work in progress image - We're asking that competitors create a thread in the contest forum and provide at least one image showing the SU Podium info bar or a screencapture showing the ProWalker interface. This is to ensure that images are original to this competition and are created with Podium/ProWalker. Create your thread here.
  3. Please use the following naming convention for your thread: "Podium Winter Contest 2018 - Username".
  4. Submission requirements: Please submit at least one high resolution (minimum 1920x1080) image of your scene, rendered with SU Podium or ProWalker GPU. Use of Podium Browser is allowed and encouraged. Additionally, please post at least one work in progress image in your contest thread, as described above. Multiple image submissions, panoramas, or fly-through videos are allowed but not required. If a submission contains multiple images, they will be judged as a single entry.
  5. One entry per person: Submissions containing multiple images from the same model/space are allowed, and will be judged together as a single cohesive entry. However, we are not accepting additional entries from a single user (ie - Multiple images from unrelated models/projects).
  6. Voting: Winners will be determined through an open vote on the Podium forum — to ensure that a definitive result is reached you may not vote for your own entry (we can tell). Voting fraud will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification from the competition if discovered. Cadalog reserves final judgement over the three winning entries (barring unforseen circumstances we will honor the vote).
  7. Only original submissions will be accepted: To keep a level playing field, please don't submit a past portfolio/client work. Only work created specifically for this contest will be considered. (Note: This is why we're asking to see a WIP image with the SU Podium info bar.

Note on usage: All entries are the property of the respective artists. Cadalog, Inc. may use submitted artwork for the purpose of promotion and communication. If any artist’s work is used in this manner, the artist will be credited.

Deadlines & Submissions:

Submissions will be accepted until January 1, 2019. Please create your work in progress thread, in the Render Contest sub-forum below. There will be a separate thread for "Final" images and voting when we get closer to the deadline. Good luck!