Podium Browser is filled with thousands upon thousands of high quality SketchUp components. Furniture, lights, vehicles, 3D vegetation, seamless textures/materials. You name it, we've got it, and it's all ready to be rendered with SU Podium.

In fact, we'd venture to say you could create an entire image from Podium Browser alone! For this contest, that's exactly what we're asking. The subject matter is up you, but you must compose a scene primarily out of Podium Browser components, and create a beautiful render with SU Podium. We want to see what you can do with the Browser library!


  1. Design and model your overall space however you'd like. Your are not required to use one of Browser's pre-made houses or studio model interiors (though you're free to do so!), we're more interested in seeing how you use Podium Browser in the context of your own design.
  2. Use the Browser, render in SU Podium: The majority (50% or more) of the models in your scene must come from Podium Browser. The library is huge, so obviously we can't (and won't) check every last model. However, we know our catalogue pretty well, and will judge the competition based on your creative use of the Browser, technical proficiency with Podium, and overall design.
  3. Create a WIP thread and show at least one work in progress image from SU Podium. We're asking that competitors create a thread in the contest forum and provide at least one image showing the SU Podium info bar. A screen capture in SketchUp showing the Podium render manager at work is also acceptable if you'd like to keep your entry a bit more "secret." Create your thread here.
  4. Resolution: You may use any aspect ratio you prefer, but we're requesting full HD final submission should be at least 1080 pixels on the short edge. (*Edit - To clarify here, we're requesting HD video resolution (1920x1080) as a minimum, but you may use any aspect ratio you'd like. The render should be at least 1080 pixels on the short edge.
  5. Only one image is required, but if you feel that submitting additional images from different camera angles (or a panorama VR) will help showcase your design, you’re free to do so.
  6. One entry per person: Submissions containing multiple images from the same model/space are great, and will be judged together as a single cohesive entry. However, we are not accepting additional entries from a single user (ie - Multiple images from unrelated models/projects).
  7. Only original submissions will be accepted: To keep a level playing field, please don't submit a past portfolio/client work. Only work created specifically for this contest will be considered. (Note: This is why we're asking to see a WIP image with the SU Podium info bar.

Note on usage: All entries are the property of the respective artists. Cadalog, Inc. may use submitted artwork for the purpose of promotion and communication. If any artist’s work is used in this manner, the artist will be credited.

Cadalog, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition if a minimum participation threshold is not met. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the promoter.

Deadlines & Submissions:

The submission period has concluded. Sincere thanks to all participants! We'll have winner announcements for you as soon as we can.


Submissions will be judged on creative use of Podium Browser, demonstration of technical ability with SU Podium, and overall design skill. We'll be awarding five winners as follows:

Image placeholder
Grand Prize
Image placeholder
Runner Up
Image placeholder
Third Place
Image placeholder
Hon. Mention (4th, 5th)

Entries will be judged by a panel of three experienced Podium users, whom you may already know from the forums:

  • Nat Ellis - Nat Ellis is head of 3D Visualization at JB Architecture in Chichester, West Sussex, where he uses SketchUp and SU Podium in the majority of his work.
  • Jim Allen - An award winning architect in Wales, member of the Podium team, curator of the Podium gallery, and prolific dispenser of knowledge in the gallery forum.
  • Nick Harvey is a Quebec based architect, long time member of the SU Podium team, and author of the SU Podium user guide.