Installing SU Podium V2 Plus for SketchUp

SU Podium V2 Plus will work in SketchUp 8.

1. Introduction, Download/ Upgrade

Go to the Free Trial page and download the free evaluation version of V2 Plus and activate the trial version with your license code. Alternatively, click on this link to go to the Version 2 Download page and download.

    Free Trial version users - You will not receive a license code. Instead, ignore the License Manager dialog box that comes up, requesting you to enter a license.

SketchUp version and Operating System Requirements

    Windows. SU Podium V2Plus requires SketchUp 8 Supported Windows versions are Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    Mac. SU Podium V2 Plus for the Mac requires SketchUp 8. It will require Mt. Lion, Maverick or Yosemite.

2. Installing or Upgrading to V2 Plus


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Install for SketchUp 8 Windows and Mac

    Windows Install for SketchUp 8

    Uninstall V2 first and don't forget to save your license code

    If you are using SU Podium V2, have a previous trial version of SU Podium V2, or were using the beta version of V2 Plus, you will need to uninstall before installing SU Podium V2 Plus. For SketchUp 8, you must uninstall V2 or V2 Plus beta before installing the official release version of V2 Plus. Please read this Windows uninstall page carefully.

    Install for SketchUp 8, Windows 7 or 8 (64 bit only)

    You must have a Windows Administrator User Account to install SU Podium V2 Plus. You can run the program without being an administrator but to install it you must be have administrative privileges. Close SketchUp before starting the install. Double click on the install file you have downloaded. An installation program will start. The default install location for SU Podium V2 Plus for SketchUp 8 is \program files (x86)\google\google sketchup 8\plugins\. The installation will create a sub-folder in the \google sketchup 8 \plugins\ folder called SU_Podium_V2. There will also be a ruby load file in the plugins folder called SU_Podium_V2.rbs. If you need to uninstall SU Podium V2 Plus, use the Uninstall option from the All Programs ----> SU Podium V2 location.
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    Mac install for SketchUp 8

    Uninstall V2 first and don't forget to save your license code

    Install for SketchUp 8 Mac OS-X

    • Make sure you download the SU Podium V2 Plus file for SketchUp 8. This install file only works on SketchUp 8.
    • Completely quit SketchUp before starting the install program.
    • Double click on the .zip file that you downloaded and unzip using the Archive tool. This will unzip the install file into a .pkg file. Make sure you unzip or unpack using the Macintosh Archive tool. Do not use Winzip.
    • Double click on the install package file to start the installation.
    • Make sure you choose Install for All Users of this computer, if prompted.
    • SU Podium V2 Plus is installed in the Macintosh HD\Library\Application Support\Google SketchUp 8\SketchUp\Plugins\.
    • After installation is completed, Open SketchUp. SU Podium V2 Plus will be in the SketchUp Plugins pull down menu.
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Troubleshooting your Windows and Mac install of SU Podium V2 Plus

    Mac V2 Plus install trouble shoot

    1. No Plugin menu in SketchUp. Click here for the solution.
    2. Do not use WinZip to unpack. Make sure you unpack the downloaded installation file with the Mac Archive tool. Do not use WinZip. If you unpack the install file with WinZip, you may find the installation program will not correctly install SU Podium V2 and V2 Plus.
    3. Unidentified Developer. Can not open the SU Podium V2 Plus pkg because I see a" ..Unidentified Developer" message? Click here for the solution.
    4. Mac Install Failed! Click here for the solution.
    5. SketchUp 8, Mac Yosemite users. If you were using V2.18.940, you will need reinstall using V2.18.930. Please read here.
    6. Crashes. Installation was fine but Podium crashes when rendering. Please read here.

Uninstall SU Podium V2 or V2 Plus for SketchUp