New Podium Browser uploads in February include coffee tables, open back bookcases, living room chairs, and rugs. Podium Browser 2020 standalone V1.1 was released with a bugfix.
Interior render by Emart Mimarlik

What's New in SU Podium - February 2021

This month's featured image is a beautiful interior scene by Alan García González. Check out his work on the forum, or click through below to see images from more users.

What's New in SU Podium
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Podium Browser 2020 Standalone v1.0 has a bug that causes Podium Browser and SketchUp to sometimes freeze when downloading components larger than ~20 MB. If you are using Podium Browser 2020 Standalone (without the SU Podium toolbar), we recomend you update to V1.1, which fixes this bug.

Please uninstall the old version of Podium Browser Standalone from the Extension Manager and restart SketchUp before you intall the new version.

Download Podium Browser 2020 Standalone V1.1

Video tutorial - How to troubleshoot an exceptionally slow render

If the SU Podium render manager is estimating extreme render times in the 12-24+ hour range, it's very likely that a specific bottleneck in the file is slowing things down.

This video demonstrates our recommended steps to troubleshoot an unreasonably or uncharacteristically slow render.

Watch the video here
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The Panorama Tours feature on SU Podium's panorama server has been inoperational for several months due to a bug.

Panorama Tours was fixed and will now work as expected on

Recent Podium Browser uploads include coffee tables, open back bookcases, living room chairs, and over 60 rugs.

Living room chairs

Open back bookcases

Coffee tables


Podium Browser is included with the SU Podium V.26 upgrade

If you don't own a Podium Browser license, the upgrade from SU Podium V2.5 to V2.6 is currently the most cost effective way to access over 20,000 furnishings, light fixtures, decorations, and materials.

Upgrade to SU Podium V2.6 here

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