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Podium Browser is a premium component library containing thousands of high-quality models and photo-realistic Podium materials, ready to be rendered in SketchUp using SU Podium.

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20,000 items in 20 categories
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Render-ready right out of the box
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Podium Browser gives you access to about 20,000 light fixtures, furnishings, 3D and 2D plant, assemblies, and materials that can be downloaded directly from our server to your SketchUp scene. Simply click on a thumbnail in the Browser, drop the content into your SketchUp model, and render with SU Podium. Our models are all configured with Podium material properties and high quality textures, for photo-realistic rendering
without any additional preparation.


Populating a SketchUp scene has never been easier. Take a look at the efficiency of Podium Browser:

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Thousands of items in 20 different categories

We've worked extremely hard to provide a huge range of items for Podium Browser, and we're adding new content every week. Items are based on real-world collections from a number of popular manufacturers including Ikea, Targetti, Kohler, and many more. Podium Browser light fixtures are configured to provide natural, realistic lighting, and our materials support realistic reflection, refraction, and bump properties.

Render-ready, Right out of the box

Podium Browser items are designed and tailored for photo realistic rendering in SUPodium V2.

  • Realistic Materials - All Podium Browser items use high quality textures, with bump, refraction, and reflections pre-configured for immediate rendering.
  • Hundreds of Lights - Podium Browser lights are pre-configured using the Podium Light System, and let you choose between Incandescent and Halogen settings.

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Podium Browser is bundled with the SU Podium V2 trial—free content will remain active, even after your trial expires.

Ready to buy?—Podium Browser premium content is still only $79.00 USD